Special Permission From BHA Asked By Musselburgh To Stage Trial Races Ahead Of Cheltenham Festival 2019

Musselburgh has asked special permission to hold their Cheltenham Trials Day as the Cheltenham Festival 2019 comes closer. It is the largest NH race on the East Lothian track.

Due to the weather and the recent equine influenza episode, this fixture experienced two cancellations already. It was set last February 10th, with a record-breaking prize money in excess of £165,000 for just one day. However, because of the verdict of the BHA to put the races in lockdown for six days, the race did not happen.

Now that the break is over, the people at Musselburgh are hoping to hold the Cheltenham Racing Trials once more after all of its cancellations. Bill Farnsworth, boss of the racecourse, said that the BHA had expressed support for this by promising to provide additional opportunities in the future. However, they are just including extra races to a couple of cards as of the moment.

Furthermore, Farnsworth said that the BHA is now in favour of holding the races on February 23rd since the horses that received vaccines will become eligible to race. If the replacement fixture they requested can be staged on February 22nd, Musselburgh can give everything they got for the Cheltenham Festival Trials. On top of that, it is also a huge help for them because the northern area already lost a number of races.

According to Farnsworth, the Trial Races is a major aspect in getting ready for the annual Cheltenham Festival 2019 where plenty of people participate.

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